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postheadericon Tourism Tips to deal with Chinese client

  1. You buy once in China, it’s yours. Like most foreign countries, make sure you can sell on a fairly accurate business. Inspect what you intend to buy, and pay a sample with the “factory sealed” package will not be charged on payment.
  2. China’s major cities have competitive and generally reliable electronics goods. Make sure you are ready to buy a well-known purchase. There are deals, but you do not expect technical assistance from home appliance goods.
  3. You should be an experienced buyer to know what is in the Chinese market. Usually the shopkeeper will start at 10X which you should do counteroffer. You can ask strangers that they usually pay for it. The taxi price is set by meter. Food traders will naturally increase the prices of foreigners, so they have to deal. Burgington art is in China. If you do not care about it, buy something for you.
  4. Toggle and street people? There are some, but there is no mind in mind about the homeless people on American streets and neither should you. Just go
  5. Anyway, some tourists are about to overcome. When traveling from night to afternoon and noon, group bus tours will be hundreds of millions, if not thousands, then to take tourists to enjoy the taste. Multi-battery-powered belt boot in many languages ​​will be damaged by any tour of Chinese garden, great wall or landscape settings.
  6. Tour group is an easy way to see some outstanding things and take on tourism stores. When you eat a tour, you probably see yourself more, but more time spent on foreign lands being spent. You may not expect people to get a Plus Tour on a tour of a general tourism, because you will not agree with the common workers China, which has a population of millions of people in the country. You will see many Chinese guest industry workers who speak English, and perhaps some Chinese tourists enjoying the country. They are not all the representatives of the country, out of which 48% still live on the farm and do not speak a word of English, even if they learn in school.
  7. Chinese people are happy if you try to talk to Mandy, even if it’s just a few words. The best way to introduce yourself is with a warm, wide smile. Even when you are upset or frustrated, smile. it works.
  8. Travel in China on your holidays can be a dream. Carefully plan your trip so you know what Chinese hopes are expected on holiday. is a good source, so looking for the current year. While the holidays can be year to year, even the scheduled dates will be connected, the entire vacation will change. New Schedule is published in December, just a week or so before the start of the year. Do not assume May be a holiday on May 1. It may be April 29 and 30th May. This error may be a tourist and you can cause hunger without a transmission ticket.
  9. Whatever you are trying to practice in English can be greeted with smile and defeat. Most Chinese are shy and you will not be talked unless you first talk. People who contact you and move first, are likely to sell something or worse. Many tourists have reported horse in Shanghai, so be friendly but be careful. Sometimes do not follow stranger. Period.
  10. Chinese restaurants (non-sugar) with foreigners are almost always unexpected, plus more. Occasionally by group visits, these places change tricks, according to the “West Flavor”. Many middle class, white lane restaurants, host the entire nuclear (three-generation) around big round tables, are sometimes unusual translations in English. It is more crowded with families, it is better value and food. Menu color pictures will also help. If they show only an English menu, ask them to see both. They are setting more food prices for more than five times for tourists. If so, you should walk before drinking any tea. Compare pictures and prices. No tapping anywhere in restaurants, taxis, or in this case.


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