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Every day, we find that thousands of vehicles are transported acrossUS. When we talk about vehicles, we talk as much about scooter, motorcycle, car, utility, boat, kart, quad, construction equipment or mobile home.

But who can transport his vehicle?

Everyone.Whether an individual in connection with a purchase of used car on the internet or a professional in the context of his main or secondary activity.

And why?

There are many reasons that lead to the need to have your vehicle transported. Let’s take several examples, such as the  professional car rental company  that wants to balance its various fleets,  the individual who buys a car  outside his region, the collector who wants to be delivered a rare car from abroad, the unlucky one who has to  repatriate his car broke down  in a garage, the opportunist who needs  to transport a non-rolling car  to retype, the holidaymaker who wants  to transport his bike during his vacation  or the sea lover who wants  to transport his boat in a new port! Let us know more about the freight trucking load boards now.

In short, everyone may need one day to transport his car, his motorcycle, his scooter, his boat, his construction equipment or even his helicopter!

And how?

Several solutions are available to you if you wish to transport your vehicle. You can do this on your own or use the services of professional carriers such as towing ,  conveying, transport tray or truck!

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Vehicle towing:

This method is suitable for short distances and low speed . Indeed, to tow a vehicle must take into account several parameters:

  • Use an approved pull bar
  • Presence of a driver in the towed vehicle
  • Limit speed to 50 km / h and do not use express or express lanes
  • The weight of the vehicle to be towed must be less than the weight of the towing vehicle
  • Use warnings, be careful, adopt a smooth ride and respect the rules of the road
  • Vehicle towing is therefore only appropriate under certain conditions.

Vehicle transportation by flatbed truck:

This method is suitable for transporting your vehicle over long distances safely. You can choose to have your vehicle transported on a flatbedtruck to protect the body during transport. For that, it is enough to roll the vehicle on the ramp then the plate before harnessing it. If the vehicle is broken down, the flatbed trucks are generally equipped with winches to raise the car on the plateau.